With a breathtaking geographical medley of hills and open spaces, Centennial, CO is full of wildlife and ever-changing weather. Unfortunately, however, these factors mean that homeowners face the need for exterior repairs frequently. Whether animals or the Colorado weather has wreaked havoc on your Centennial home, 5280 Exteriors is here to repair or replace key components of your home's exterior.

Centennial Colorado Home Improvement Services

5280 Exteriors' Home Improvement Services

Centennial Exterior Siding

Whether a large hail storm or a mischievous woodpecker has damaged your siding, we understand the challenges that come along with residing in Centennial. Fortunately, we offer two superior exterior siding, which are strategically designed to withstand these elements.

Popular Centennial exterior siding materials that we utilize include James Hardie cement siding and traditional Cedar siding:

  • James Hardie siding has an incredible ability to repel bothersome insects while allowing paint to last 3-4 times longer than traditional siding. Likewise, it is impact resistant and Class-A fire-rated.
  • Cedar siding aids in insulation while boosting curb appeal with its natural yet diverse appearance. Installing Cedar siding also eliminates the need to treat the wood, as it is naturally high in both antifungal and antibacterial agents.


Centennial Window Installation, Replacement and Repair

Centennial Exterior Siding

The varying temperatures in Centennial mean that your windows play a huge role in maintaining the desired temperature levels inside. Windows that are damaged or made of an inferior material may allow cool air to escape in the summer and brisk air to enter in the winter. To maximize the efficiency of your home's heating and air conditioning system, be sure to repair or replace inadequate windows.

  • We find that Kensington Quantum 2 vinyl windows are effective in battling the various Colorado elements encountered by Centennial residents.
  • Wood and aluminum windows solicit a certain richness that works with many home decor schemes.
  • Fiberglass windows, while durable and energy efficient, are available in numerous colors to best suit your style and preferences.


Centennial Exterior House Painting

Over time, the weather may cause your exterior paint to chip or fade. This drastically decreases your home's curb appeal, yet every home requires a custom Centennial exterior house painting solution. We take the time to explore and diagnose your home's specific needs before application to ensure that the paint will look flawless for years to come. We utilize high quality Sherwin Williams paints to achieve this result, in addition to a thorough priming and treatment process.


Centennial Premier Roofing Services

Roofs in Centennial receive the harshest exposure to the local elements. Because of this, it is common for roofs to need repair or replacement after several years when they are not designed to handle these dilemmas. With our Centennial premier roofing services, we use asphalt shingles, granulated metal and tile roofing, as these materials are able to withstand the test of time.

  • Asphalt tiles are known for being durable and are one of our most popular tiles.
  • Granulated metal harnesses the power of steel without sacrificing the appearance of your roof.
  • Tile roofing requires less maintenance while allowing homeowners to customize the appearance of their home.

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