Broomfield, Colorado boasts a thriving population of more than 55,000 people who love its 63 parks and 258 miles of hiking and biking trails. The sun shines more than 240 days every year, it doesn't rain too much (averaging only 15 inches per year), and it doesn't snow too much (averaging 48 inches annually). Broomfield weather ensure residents enjoy all the outdoor adventures it has available. 

Broomfield Colorado Home Improvement Services

Weather is Hard on Houses 

All that weather, however, can be hard on a house, especially the exterior. The professionals at 5280 Exteriors understand how sunlight, wind and rain can cause extensive damage to housing surfaces, and they provide exceptional services to protect Broomfield homes.

Keep the Siding Safe

For Broomfield exterior siding, many homeowners choose James Hardie siding. This fiber cement siding (sometimes called "Hardie board") provides exceptional service considering Broomfield's weather because:

  • It repels bugs and burrowing birds like woodpeckers.
    • It lasts three to four times as long as less sturdy siding.
    • Its Class-A fire rates surfave is more impact resistance than other siding materials.

Another popular siding option is cedar siding or shingles. Cedar is a favorite siding material because of its excellent insulation properties and light weight. Cedar wood is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so it's easy to maintain, and it's easily stainable too. 


The Proper Paint Partner

Once the siding is up, it's important to protect it from wind, rain, snow and sun damage with the best quality paint available. 5280 Exteriors uses high-quality paints, such as the multihued options crafted by Sherwin-Williams, for Broomfield exterior house painting to extend the life of the siding.

Seal Windows Tight

When it does rain or snow, it's important to keep that moisture out of the house. Windows are often the easiest access for moisture intrusion because they pierce the waterproof barrier that lines the walls. Properly designed and installed windows will offer the tight seal needed to keep the weather outside where it belongs.

Kensington designed its Quantum2 windows with the Broomfield climate in mind. Their thermal performance ensures that neither excess heat nor cold penetrates into interior rooms, and Kensington guarantees their durability for life. Professional Broomfield window installation ensures that all windows, including those made of vinyl, wood, fiberglass and aluminum, are properly installed and sealed against the weather.

Top It Off Well

No home's exterior is entirely safe without a secure roof on top. The Broomfield premier roofing services provided by 5280 Exteriors let you choose from materials such as asphalt, tile or granulated metal to create an impervious barrier against climate elements as well as an attractive look that lasts.

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